New York based Dutch designer Judith Haas creates jewelry using handmade textures, resulting in pieces that have a raw, unfinished look. Semi-precious stones are used as accents and set in silver, bronze, and gold. Her pieces are often defined by abstract, Moorish patterns that are more typically seen on tiles and fabric.  

Wax carving and metalsmithing are Haas’ primary sculpting methods, this allows her to create pieces that combine graceful lines and the strength of metal. Her designs are created in her studio, a rustic artists’ loft in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Haas got her start in 2003 at the Young Designers Market on Mulberry street in Soho. Today, Judith Haas Designs can be found in department stores and boutiques around the world, including the United States, Japan, France, Ireland, UK, and the Netherlands.